For over 15 years Q7/inQubator has been supporting clients by focusing their efforts on generating a direct response.

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Mel Hopkins

Here you will find real marketers ready to assist you in achieving your goals – whether you need a direct mailer, search engine placement, website design or hosting, promotional help, or more.

Our Q7/InQubator brand handles your business Internet services needs. Does your business need web video, Adwords, website design or hosting? Choose Q7 for printing and mailing, graphic design, telemarketing, market research, and more.

At Q7 we are experienced marketers that will help you finesse your next project to meet your business objectives.

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Marketing is a contact sport. Reach out to your target and create a reaction.

— Mel Hopkins —

Web Services

Whether you need a web site created or updated, Web Video, website hosting, local SEO, Adwords, a YouTube channel, a custom web marketing plan, combination or all of the above, inQubator is your Web shop.

Lets use the Internet to hit your target. In the last century, David Ogilvy said “All copywriters should spend time as door-to-door salesmen in order to truly understand the process of selling”.

We think people involved in creating Internet services for business still need to have a solid grasp of the sales proposition. Even if your situation doesn’t require selling a thing. Because persuasion and moving an individual’s perspective is the key to all that we do. That’s why you’ll appreciate the difference Q7/ inQubator brings to your next Internet project.

Want to grow your business? Take a risk and be different to stand out from the pack. Be the same as everyone else if you want to hide.

— Mel Hopkins —


A Qcall® Direct Message is a specialized out-bound message delivery service that offers lifelike digitally recorded telephone messages to the homes (live customer delivery and/or answering devices) of your targeted audience.


Imagine being able to contact 50,000 of your customers or constituents in just one minute. Or over 1,000,000 an hour. Now imagine contacting them for as low as 5 cents each!

Better and more professional than so-called “robocalls”, Qcall messages can be delivered to live answers and/or answering machines depending on your marketing needs. Qcalls include custom personalization ability and precision targeting to maximize your marketing. Use Qcalls to contact a large or small number of customers in whatever time frame works for your operations. Qcalls offer power, flexibility, and the low cost necessary to be your best marketing tactic.

Qcalls® really work

A lifelike digital recorded voice messages is programmed into the Qcall delivery system along with your targeted database of phone numbers. Qcalls can be programmed to deliver your message to answering machines and voicemail, your target customers, or both. Qcalls specialized technology is developed to deliver your appeal with the utmost impact in a direct marketing vehicle unsurpassed in value.

Qcalls® – better than direct mail alone

Your marketing appeal cuts through the clutter and produces results superior to other marketing tactics.
Use Qcalls in conjunction with other integrated marketing to produce results superior to stand alone tactics.

Call 703-392-5200 to customize a Qcalls® campaign to your business needs!

What our Clients say

  • … the most creative and results oriented organization I have ever worked with. Always meeting tight deadlines and going the extra step to guarantee our satisfaction… an integral part of our success…

    — Marc Cohen EVP, Sales at Evolution Digital
  • I have known Mel through professional organizations and as a customer for over 15 years. As a fellow board member, Mel was well respected by everyone. He worked hard for the good of all member companies to accomplish the most with our combined resources. I know him to be trustworthy, fair and a team player. As a customer, I know Mel to be professional, results driven, innovative and cost effective. Mel and his company provided us with strategic planning and exceptional execution while making sure I was well informed through out the process. I recommend Mel and his company with confidence that you will be satisfied with his results.

    — Troy Fitzhugh President at Blue Ridge Communications
  • I would strongly recommend Mel and Q7 to anyone looking to outsource any part of their marketing efforts. Their creative is not only very effective but it is also very afforable! The telemarketing arm of his company is the best I have ever used. The reps are professional and the results are always well above average. His associates are a pleasure to work with and they always come in on time and at budget. Q7 is an asset to any company!

    — Sharon Slotterback Business Development Manager, Comcast


From video appeals to crisis response… Q7/inQubator Video and YouTube can help you persuade your target audience.

Video has become more important than ever to business for PR, marketing, and lobbying. Thanks to social video-sharing websites—namely YouTube—we are no longer forced to pay big advertising dollars to put commercials on TV. Instead, businesses, associations, and the like can produce their own video messages at a low cost, post them online, and market them to build their followings. Most importantly, it has proven to be an easy-to-use tool for PR, advocacy, and selling.


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Our Clients

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XfinityCharter CommunicationsLong & FosterComcastAllstateFordSpotlightSpotlight

Q7’s inQubator is your Web shop.Kind of like where the rubber meets the road. But more like where the Web meets reality.

— Mel Hopkins —

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